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My DVD, co-created with Billy Kaplan, "Chaos to Healing: Therapeutic Parenting 101."

While many resources provide excellent theory on therapeutic parenting, many people still find themselves floundering day-to-day as they interact with their hurting children. Billy Kaplan, a Clinical Social Worker, and Christine Moers, a therapeutic parent, sat down one day to talk about some very practical ways to implement therapeutic parenting every day. They recorded that conversation, and invite you to listen in.

"Billy Kaplan and Christine Moers have produced a wondeful video that describes the basics of therapeutic parenting. They don't rely on special video effects to convey their knowledge and ideas. They simply sit and and have a conversation with us, with empathy, respect, interest, and a clear desire to be of help.

First they help us to understand the tremendous challenges that children face when they are given the chance to live in a safe home with caring and committed parents, after first having experienced neglect and abuse at the hands of their original parents. Then Christine and Billy let us know that they "get" the tremendous challenges facing parents who are trying to raise these children.

They do not give us magical techniques or parenting cookbooks. They direct our minds to the basics: an attitude of playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy (PACE) along with the value of developing a home that provides these children with safety, supervision, structure, and support. They offer no quick fix: Christine speaks of the need to interact with your child, again, and again, and again. . . However, they leave us with hope and renewed energy to provide these children with what they desperately need."

- Dan Hughes, Ph.D.
Quittie Glen Center for Mental Health

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